Looking for a Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer ?

Welcome to Sunshine State Bankruptcy, your Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer. We specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the Tampa Bay area. The decision to file for bankruptcy can be a hard decision toTampa Bankruptcy Lawyer make, and we are here to help take the burden off you and get you on the right path to financial recovery.

Will I loose everything I own if I file for Bankruptcy?

Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer : No! The reality is that bankruptcy makes it possible for you to keep the majority of your property by providing you protection from your creditors. In the state of Florida you are allowed some exceptions in personal property and your homestead exemption. If you are behind on your home mortgage, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to repay a fraction of the back payments to allow you to stay current in your monthly mortgage payments.

Did you know that the Tampa bankruptcy court has eight judges with one visiting judges and they are each juggling 7,500 cases apiece. The total number of cases in the Tampa Bay area are second only to Los Angeles! That’s alot of Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer s!

We expect filings to increase this spring as the foreclosure process gears up.

Should I try to find a Tampa bankruptcy lawyer in the Yellow Pages?

At best, the Yellow Pages is a source of information. It is filled with adds for doctors, lawyers, plumbers, you name it. Anyone, including lawyers, can pay for ad space. But the size of the ad, the color of the ad and even the picture of the lawyer gives you no indication of their experience or expertise. Finding the right Tampa bankruptcy lawyer for your case isn’t a easy process, and probably will be a tough decision. Be sure to find the best Tampa Bankruptcy lawyer for your claim, to represent you and your interests correctly. Do you know what type of bankruptcy is right for you? Find out more on our bankruptcy types page.

Hiring A Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer ?

In the event that you find the Tampa bankruptcy lawyer that will best represent your claim, and your emotions, be sure to talk with them in person. Knowing how your feeling, and being able to comfort you in your time of need is crucial. At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we help you get through the personal pain, and get you on your way to a future that can be debt free. Give us a call today, 1-877-352-8192 to discuss your options, and maybe not even hiring a Tampa bankruptcy lawyer is your best option. We will explain those rights to you, and you can decide for yourself what is best for you. Again, call us, Sunshine State Bankruptcy, a Tampa Bankruptcy lawyer for your bankruptcy needs.

Hiring a lawyer can be a daunting task, do not let your decision be based on advertisement or gimmicks. Let Sunshine State Bankruptcy, your Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer, get you on the right tract to recovery from your financial past.