You Don’t Need to Be Up to Your Eyeballs in Credit Card Debt to Get a Fresh Financial Start

Many Floridians have been lured with attractive credit card offers putting you in debt you can’t afford. What happens? If you get behind in your credit card bill, credit card companies will charge over the limit fees andCredit Card Dept raise your interest rates.

When you get behind on your credit card payments, they may call you at home and at work, and even personal references you gave to get your credit card.

These calls are to humiliate you into paying and credit card companies are not interested in why you can’t pay. All they are interested in is getting their money and if you don’t pay, you will be getting more calls from collection agencies who also charge fees. Who gets to pay the fees? You.

If the collection agency or the credit card company can’t get you to pay, you’ll get sued. It is often impossible to defend these kinds of law suits. If you lose or your don’t respond, the court will enter a judgment against you for not only the amount that you owe, but their attorney’s fees and costs. What happens next? The credit card company can garnish your paycheck, bank account or even ask the sheriff to sell property you own to pay off that judgment. And while all of that is going on, the interest continues to accrue until you pay every last dime you owe.

You don’t have to be up to your eyeballs in credit card to get relief. How? By filing bankruptcy you will get an automatic stay that will stop harassing phone calls and legal actions. Depending on your personal financial situation a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may stop the credit card companies from taking little or nothing.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may also be a possible solution in allowing you to deal with credit card debt.

By filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy you can take charge of your financial future!

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