Why Hire Sunshine State Bankruptcy?

One of the most important questions that you can ask of any law firm before you make a hiring decision. At Sunshine State Bankruptcy we develop a customized bankruptcy plan that is right for you and your family. We understand that you might have difficulty paying for the entire costs of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer all at once. If you had money, you would not be filing for bankruptcy, right? While you have the right to represent yourself in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Middle District of Florida, filing for bankruptcy is a very complex process. At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we know that it’s a minefield of procedural rules, deadlines, notice requirements, means tests and even financial disclosure statements. Using a document preparation service could really cost you in the end. Why? Document preparers are prohibited from offering any legal advice, they simply fill out forms and have no further responsibility. If there are any mistakes, you are the one responsible.

At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we know that the process of filing for bankruptcy is not debtor friendly. Professional legal advice is strongly recommended and at Sunshine State Bankruptcy we can properly guide you through every step in the process.

At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we offer very reasonable rates with a manageable payment plan as part of our free bankruptcy planning service. Once you pay that fee in full, we can move forward with your bankruptcy filing.

Before you contact a debt settlement company, or consider a document preparation company, call our law firm. We can provide the legal protection that these organizations can’t.

At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we identify your specific needs and provide tailored advice based on your unique personal circumstances.

We are not one of the many bankruptcy mills in the Tampa Bay area, we care about improving the lives of our clients. Don’t let your debts steal away your quality of life or your financial future. Contact Sunshine State Bankruptcy at 727.258.4999.

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