Why Bankruptcy is More Than Just Filing Forms

Unfortunately, many people choose to represent themselves in bankruptcy because they think everything on the internet is true. You might even see websites that have bankruptcy forms and think that you can fill them out and skip the expense of hiring an attorney.

I suggest that you run off a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition form, it is more complicated than an income tax return and even more technical and complicated.

Florida state filers routinely make costly mistakes in:

1. Failure to select or properly apply exemptions.

2. Failure to list all assets.

3. Reaffirming all reasonable debts.

Filing a Chapter 13 plan that doesn’t comply with the bankruptcy code.

The web is the great place to get information but it is not a substitute for legal advice.

Hiring some company to file out a form doesn’t mean that the bankruptcy petition preparer knows anything about bankruptcy or, more importantly, takes the time to understand your unique financial circumstances so that you have a bankruptcy petition that is tailored to your financial needs.

You don’t want to leave money on the table by trying to prepare a petition for bankruptcy on your own or filing a bankruptcy petition preparer.

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