When Bank of America Makes Your Life Tough, We Make it Easier

During the mortgage bubble, companies like Country Side created securities from mortgages with little, if any, proof of assets or income. Country Side was more interested in selling these securities than whether the loans were viable.

County Side was bought by Bank of America who, unfortunately did not properly service these mortgages, misplaced many documents and had failed to help homeowners facing foreclosure.

Unfortunately, the American taxpayers have come to the rescue of big banks like Bank of America. There have been a number of suits against Bank of America, which hopefully will result in cleaning up past claims and setting practices of bundling and selling mortgage loans. But, in the meantime, many Bank of America mortgage holders have life tough because they can’t pay their mortgages and Bank of America refuses to negotiate. We at Sunshine State Bankruptcy can make it easier by explaining to you how bankruptcy may provide you with a fresh financial start, including, keeping your home.

While each situation is unique, the bankruptcy code may be able to provide you and your family with financial relief and allow you to stay in your home. To learn more about your rights to a fresh financial start by ordering, Sunshine State’s free consumer guide, The Essential Guide to Bankruptcy for Consumers in Florida, or scheduling your complimentary appointment by calling 727-258-4999 today.

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