What You Need to Know About Your Post-Bankruptcy Credit If You Get Married After Filing Bankruptcy

Married after Spouse BankruptcyThere is no doubt that getting married after filing for or completing bankruptcy can have a tremendous impact on your finances, particularly if your new spouse has financial difficulties.

Honesty is the best policy and you should:

1. Have an honest talk with your new spouse about your financial situation. You need to know if they are in debt, if they have any lawsuits pending because they haven’t been able to pay their bills.

2. Even if you love them don’t take on their debt trouble by co-signing a loan. You need to improve your own credit after bankruptcy. Perhaps, even before you get married, you might want to have your future spouse consider filing bankruptcy so that you both start with a clean slate.

3. Maintain separate bank accounts. As much as you love them, you don’t want their debt troubles to become yours.

If you have a joint account, your spouses creditors can cease funds in your joint bank account. Every relationship starts with understand your future spouses financial situation, spending habits and coming up with a plan that helps both of you start your marriage off financially sound. Need help with your bankruptcy claim? Contact us today.

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