What is a Bankruptcy Confirmation Hearing?

If you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you will have at least two hearings:Bankruptcy Confirmation Hearing

1. A meeting of creditors

2. A Bankruptcy Confirmation Hearing

A meeting of creditors will take place thirty days after you file your petition for bankruptcy. The trustee will ask you questions about your bankruptcy petition. Approximately 30 days later, you will be required to attend the confirmation hearing so that the trustee can approve your plan payments and post-plan payments.

Before the confirmation hearing, you will be expected to make any post-petition mortgage or payments, make your initial plan payments and if there are any objections that have arisen to confirmation of your plan.

Within 45 day of the meeting of the creditors you have to complete the second personal financial management course

At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we will be there with you for both the meeting of creditors and the confirmation hearing.

Depending on the terms of your Chapter 13 plan, you can receive a charge in 3 to 5 years after you file a Petition for Bankruptcy. In those 3 to 5 years you will have the full protection of the bankruptcy court so long as you keep your part of the bargain.

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