Times Are Tough, the Florida Supreme Court Mediation Program

We have a foreclosure crisis in Florid and the Supreme Court set up a mediation program by administrative order in December 2009 to help Florida homestead and residential foreclosures to stay in their house.

Between December 2009 and the end of August 2011, with 42% of cases in homestead residential foreclosure, could the Bar be contacted to set up the required mediation meeting. Of those 42%, just one third actually resulted in a mediation.

Worse yet, for those cases that when to mediation, 25.4% resulted in a written agreement between the borrower and lender to avoid foreclosure, a whopping 66.6% ended without any agreement. Overall, statistics show that only 3.6% of all eligible cases wound up with mediated results.

As a result, the Florida legislature is thinking about non-judicial foreclosure to reduce the backlog of over 350,000 foreclosure cases in the state. At Sunshine State Bankruptcy we will give you updates on whether the Florida legislature passes any new laws governing foreclosure and how it will impact you and your family.

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