Things May not be as Bad as You Think, You Don’t Have to Lose Your Home to Foreclosure

The American dream is to own your home, but did you know that famous people such as Warren Buffett, financial advisor and billionaire recommends that you rent.

The richest man in the world rents because he didn’t want to tie his money up in a house, he wanted to live off the interest in the stocks that he owned.

If you may be losing your home to foreclosure, bankruptcy may help you get a new start and, in the mean time, renting is a great option. Home values today are significantly depressed and many people lose their homesLose Your House Foreclosure Tampa  because their “house is underwater” they owe more than their house is worth. Until things change in the real estate market, renting a home is the best option for you and your family after you have filed for bankruptcy.

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The Three Myths Surrounding Buying a Home and Why You Need to Bust Free

Many Americans dream is to own their home but that dream has turned into a nightmare, why? Many Floridians owe more on their house than it’s worth and that has led them to foreclosure and even bankruptcy.

As a bankruptcy attorney at Sunshine State Bankruptcy, Nancy Cavey busts three of the myths that Tampa Bay homeowners have about buying a home.

Myth #1: You throw your money away when you rent an apartment.

Renting has many advantages, it provides:

  • Shelter at reduced rate based on national statistics. Did you know that for the first five years that a homeowner owns a home, they are simply giving money to the bank for the privilege of borrowing money, they don’t develop any equity in their property.
  • Houses have depreciated so your investment has become less and less and less.
  • Renters don’t pay interest, mortgage tax or maintenance fees. Renters pay rent.

If you or your family are facing foreclosure or are contemplating bankruptcy, you can learn more about how to get a fresh financial start and in the mean time, think very seriously about renting your next home.

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