The Truth About Whether You Have to Go to a Bankruptcy Court and be Grilled by a Bankruptcy Judge

Did you know that in the majority of bankruptcy cases, you will never see a bankruptcy judge. You will have a 341 hearing where you will get to speak to a bankruptcy trustee who works for the bankruptcy court. They will ask you questions about your income and assets and if you are represented by Sunshine State Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Attorney Nancy Cavey will be there with you.

The trustee is going to ask you if the statements that you made on your Bankruptcy petition are truthful and accurate.

It’s rare that you ever see a bankruptcy judge in your bankruptcy case and, if you do, Attorney Nancy Cavey will be there with you.

You can learn more about your rights to bankruptcy and whether bankruptcy is right for you by contacting Sunshine State Bankruptcy at 727.258.4999 for a free, complimentary no obligation 30 minute consultation.

We will listen to your story and tell you whether or not bankruptcy is right for you. We will explain your options and offer you honest, reliable, advice, our clients are family and we want you to make the right decision for you and your family so that you can get a financial restart.

We have flexible payment plans and once you have retained us, you can refer your creditors to us. Call Sunshine State Bankruptcy today at 727.258.4999.

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