The Truth About Saving Your Florida Home

You worked hard for your home, it’s more than a house it’s a place where you and your family gather in a great neighborhood, where your children have made lots of friends. Many good people, like you, are facingSaving Your Home Foreclosure financial difficulties and even foreclosure. Did you know that Florida has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the United States. You may have a mailbox full of advertising from loan modification negotiators offering to get you a better deal from your lender. There really is only two potential remedies.

The first is to stop the foreclosure sale by hiring a foreclosure defense attorney but remember, you may be simply just postponing the inevitable because the real answer may actually just be bankruptcy because in a chapter 13 bankruptcy you may be able to create a plan to repay a portion of the back mortgage that you owe and your creditors must, by law, except this partial payment if it is approved by the bankruptcy court. While you are paying on your chapter 13 plan, you’re bank can’t contact you and harass you asking for the balance of the money. Unless, you stop making your chapter 13 payment and stop making your mortgage payment. Don’t be caught by stop foreclosure sale scams, contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney to learn whether there is a better way to keep your home.

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