The Three Tips for Finding a Legitimate Credit Counseling Service

If you are overwhelmed with debt and can’t make payments on your mortgage, credit card, or car, you are probably searching for solutions. These solutions can include credit counseling, debt settlement and bankruptcy.Credit Counseling Tips

Historically, credit counseling services were non-profit agencies who helped assist customers in lowering their interest rates and creating a debt repayment plan.

However in Florida’s economy, you have seen a number of credit counseling services spring up that offer those services for a fee.

In searching for a fee based credit counseling service, we at Sunshine State Bankruptcy suggest that you look out of the following:

  1. Large upfront fees.
  2. No accreditation.
  3. Unrealistic promises to help you with your credit that even you don’t believe.

A non-profit credit counseling service might just be the solution to your problems.

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