The Six Ways that Bankruptcy Can Help Get Your Life Back on Track

The bankruptcy law is designed to rescue normal everyday working Floridians just like you from the clutches of bill collectors. Six ways that bankruptcy can help you get your life back are:

  • Filing bankruptcies help many famous Americans succeed. Did you know that Larry King, Walt Disney and even Donald Trump have filed for bankruptcy during their lives.
  • Filing for bankruptcy may give you a fresh start. Congress passed the bankruptcy laws to help Floridians just like you and small Florida businesses with severe financial problems get a new financial start and become productive members in our community again.
  • You may be able to keep your car and your home when you file for bankruptcy. Each situation is different but you may be able to keep your car and your home. Bankruptcy isn’t designed to punish you or embarrass you by having your house sold from underneath you or having your car repossessed.
  • Bankruptcy will repair your credit. Yes, applying for bankruptcy will improve your credit score because the world will see that you are taking care of your bills and you aren’t hiding behind your debt and you are taking responsibility and moving forward with your financial life.
  • Filing bankruptcy is a private process. Unless you are Donald Trump, Larry King or Walt Disney, no one cares that you are filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a matter of public record but nobody will find out unless they go to bankruptcy court and search for your name.
  • Bankruptcy costs less than you think.

Think about the cost of finding a new home or a new apartment, paying deposits, transferring your utility bills, hiring movers, relocating your children to a new school, expensive is a relative term and the cost of bankruptcy is significantly less than the cost of starting over.

Bankruptcy isn’t right for everyone. But, for the right person, in a situation much like yours, bankruptcy is the best way to quietly and privately stop the hassle of bill collectors, improve your credit, and be the chief financial officer of your family. Need help today? Give us a call at 1-877-352-8192.

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