The Secret to Stopping Bill Collectors Cold

Bill collectors want to keep up the pressure to get money, money and money from you. Money is the only thing that will stop them from harassing, but one way to stop bill collectors cold is to have an attorney who can tell you the truth about what a bill collector can legally do and will teach you the scare tactics that bill collectors use on you in an effort to make you pay, pay and pay.

One way to stop bill collector’s cold is by filing for bankruptcy. By law, your creditors must leave you alone and it’s illegal for them to continue any collection efforts.

Wouldn’t it be great to have no more nasty calls, no more calls at work on your cell phone, no more stress or sleepless nights!

By hiring Sunshine State Bankruptcy to file your bankruptcy all you have to do is refer bill collectors to us. At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we handle the rest and bill collectors hate this because we know the law. Filing for bankruptcy puts you back in the drivers seat.

Using bankruptcy to get the help that you need and deserve may be the right thing for you and your family. We can help at Sunshine State Bankruptcy. Call for a free debt consultation and learn your options to stop bill collectors cold.

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