The Lies that Pay Day Loan Companies will Tell You that Will Drive You Crazy

Pay Day Loan Companies are everywhere and while they have a role to play there are lots of bad Pay Day Loan Companies out there. If you are having difficulty paying back the loan, the Pay Day Loan Company may have fedPay Day Loans bankruptcy attorneyyou a line and told you that you can’t discharge a Pay Day Loan in bankruptcy.

You should know that all debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy and generally Pay Day Loans are dischargeable in bankruptcy.

The only exception to this step might be that if you took it out within a certain number of days prior to filing for bankruptcy. That potentially could be considered fraud.

Pay Day Loan Companies will also tell you that they will have you arrested for fraud. There is no debtor’s prison in the United States and these are false threats.

If you are being threatened by a Pay Day Loan Company, it may be time to learn more about your rights to file for bankruptcy. Once you do file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay keeps your creditors, including Pay Day Loan Companies, from taking any kind of action until your bankruptcy case is settled. And, every creditor listed in your bankruptcy case is going to get notice of the stay, a violation of the automatic stay by the Pay Day Company can put them in legal trouble.

More importantly, once your bankruptcy case is completed, you are done dealing with a Pay Day Loan Companies because their debt will be discharged in bankruptcy.

Pay Day Loan Companies Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are being harassed by a Pay Day Loan Company, it might be a good time to think about getting a fresh start. Contact Tampa Bay bankruptcy attorney Nancy Cavey to learn more about how bankruptcy might help you and your family.

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