The Four Reasons Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

Abraham Lincoln once said that “the person that represents themselves has a fool for a client”. That is particularly true in bankruptcy! Yes, we at Sunshine State Bankruptcy, a St. Petersburg Bankruptcy Law Firm,  know that hiring an attorney costs money and you are already struggling. But, if you represent yourself, you are going to make mistakes that we see everyday in bankruptcy court. They include:

  1. The failure to select or properly apply exemptions that can result in your property being seized or even liquidated by the trustees.
  2. Failure to list assets is viewed by the trustee as fraud, which can result in sanctions and even criminal charges.
  3. Reaffirming debts, like credit card debt, that you don’t have to reaffirm under the bankruptcy code.
  4. Filing a Chapter 13 plan doesn’t comply with the bankruptcy code.

You can cost yourself so much grief, aggravation, and expense by trying to represent yourself! Give a bankruptcy attorney like Nancy Cavey from Sunshine State Bankruptcy Law Firm a call today to discuss your legal issues.

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