See How Easily You Can Stop Your Creditors with a Notice of Bankruptcy Filing

One of the many benefits of filing for bankruptcy is receiving what is called an automatic stay aka a notice of bankruptcy filing. Once your petition is filed an automatic stay prevents your creditors from continuing anynotice of bankruptcy collection activity.

At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we provide your creditors with a “notice of bankruptcy” filing immediately after your petition is filed. That let’s your creditors know that they need to cease and desist.

The court will also serve each of your creditors with a notice of bankruptcy filing.

What a Notice of Bankruptcy Filing?

When you file for bankruptcy, the Clerk of Bankruptcy Court issues what’s called a Notice of Bankruptcy filing. The Notice has the following:

  1. Your case number
  2. The date, time, and location of the meeting of creditors
  3. The name, address, and phone number of the bankruptcy trustee signed to your case
  4. The name of the judge to whom your case has been assigned

The clerk of the bankruptcy court will serve your creditors with the Notice of Bankruptcy filing.

At Sunshine State bankruptcy we also make sure that your creditors who are threatening you with legal action receive a copy of that Notice of Bankruptcy filing so that your creditors will call it a day! If you are expericing harrassment from your creditors, a notice of bankruptcy filing can get you in the right direction today. Give us a call to setup your free appointment and explain to you more about your situation and if a notice of bankruptcy filing can help you 877-352-8192 or by contacting us online.

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