Robo-Foreclosures Fraud Impacts the Sale of Foreclosed Homes

Robo-signers filing false affidavits, a mortgage foreclosure process, has thrown into limbo the sale of many foreclosed homes.Robo Foreclosures Foreclosed Homes

This sloppy and even fraudulent paperwork has impacted the sale of foreclosed homes. For example, Over Public Title, a company, the fourth largest title insurance company in the United States won’t be writing any new title policies on foreclosed homes handled by Bank of America, One West Bank, JP Morgan Chase and Ally Financial because of the fraudulent paperwork these companies have been submitting. For example, Title Guarantee Company is also making it hard to write title policies because of the flawed documentation issue.

We only wish that JP Morgan, Case, Bank of America, One West Back, Ally Financial thoroughly review loan documents and other records to make sure that all the paper work has been properly completed. Sloppy or even fraudulent paperwork has an impact that ripples further than any of us could have expected. Even the sale of foreclosed homes.

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