Reestablishing Your Credit After Bankruptcy with Credit Cards

Searching for a new credit card after you have filed for bankruptcy can be a confusing process. Once you have received your discharge, you should be a great credit risk but it will take some time to restore your credit rating. You should not apply for a credit card with companies that you have listed on your bankruptcy petition. Why? In that credit card application there might be language that says that you reaffirm the debt that you discharged in bankruptcy. So, you need to find a new credit card company, you can use the internet to do a comparison shopping. You can look at or

You might also want to contact your credit union or talk to your bank about a prepaid credit card. That’s a great way to begin reestablishing your credit. You can learn more about rebuilding your credit by using credit cards after bankruptcy by contacting Sunshine State Bankruptcy, your Tampa Bay bankruptcy law firm.


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