Rebuilding Your Credit After Bankruptcy

We, at Sunshine State Bankruptcy, know that you filed for bankruptcy because you couldn’t pay your bills. Your credit rating was probably shot before you filed for bankruptcy. While bankruptcy can provide you with a fresh financial start, the bankruptcy will remain on your credit record for up to 10 years. Obviously, rebuilding your credit as quickly as possible is your goal. There are three critical things that you should do:

1. Review your credit report to make sure that all the debt listed on your bankruptcy petition has been discharged. If not, contact your bankruptcy attorney immediately.
2. Make any changes to your credit report that make it an accurate report.
3. Make sure that you haven’t been the victim of identity theft.

Once you have taken those three steps you should:

4. Stop using credit cards or only charge as much as you can afford and pay it off at the end of the month. By paying off your credit card debt monthly, it will help to rebuild you credit.
5. Pay your bills on time. Paying your bills on time is an easy way to rebuild your credit. Only buy what you can afford and pay your bills on time.

Learn more about restoring your credit by contacting Sunshine State Bankruptcy attorney Nancy Cavey who helps those in the Tampa Bay area call today for your free no obligation consultation 727.258.4999.

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