New Financial Budget Strategy for 2011

One of the great ways to get a great start to the New Year is to try a budget strategy.Tips on Budgeting Your Money in 2011

These include:

1. Put your credit card in a drawer and pay cash for everything.

2. Use an envelope system.

What’s that? Cash can go into specific envelopes to pay for groceries, entertainment, gas, car maintenance, home improvement, savings, clothes and kids. That’s a great way to learn how to budget your money.

3. If you have any money left over you can roll it over to the next month in the same category. Or, you can put the money in your savings account or a vacation account.

4. Another tip is to label cash envelopes so you can see what you are spending your money.

We at Sunshine State bankruptcy, your St. Petersburg Bankruptcy Law Firm, suggest that you do this for six months. It will require strict discipline but it is going to be very helpful considering how helpful will be in managing your budget.

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