Misinformation about Bankruptcy Creates a Trap for All

There is a lot of inaccurate and misleading information about bankruptcy on the TV, News and even on the web. While the internet can be a good source of information about bankruptcy, many times over the course ofMisinformation about Bankruptcy an initial interview, we, at Sunshine State Bankruptcy, have to deal with misinformation and mistaken assumptions and even myths. Even worse, often a client will talk about the experiences of a family or friends giving them “advice” on their situation.

The rules of bankruptcy are complex and every day there are cases that come out in the courts throughout the state of Florida and even the United States Supreme Court that impacts how the bankruptcy law applies to you and your particular case.

At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, your St. Petersburg Bankruptcy Lawyer Law Firm, we offer complimentary seminars about the bankruptcy process because we do not want you to be misled about the bankruptcy process and whether bankruptcy is right for you and your family. Call today to sign up for one of our Bankruptcy Seminars at 1-877-352-8192.

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