Middle Class and Hungry?

According to Christie Garten, writer for USA Today, cutting back has become a “necessity for many American families during and after a recession”, but many thriving middle class families never thought that they would need the score of federally funded jobs assistance programs.

There are many struggling Florida middle class families. After “job losses, home foreclosures, mounting debts and bills that some can no longer afford to pay, families” have become “part of the new face of hunger in America”.

There are a number of charitable organizations in the Tampa Bay area who can help. Contact Feeding America for more information about their food bank partners.

Don’t forget community and faith based food pantries; these include these in the Tampa Bay area.

There are tough times in the United States and Florida is no exception. According to the Depart of Agriculture, some 17.4 million Americans need food assistance. Assistance is available for all; one of these days, I am sure you will be able to give back.

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