Insider Secrets About What You Should Bring to Your Bankruptcy Attorney

It may be the right decision to file for bankruptcy and when you consult with a bankruptcy attorney you should be bringing the following to your initial appointment:Documents to Bring To Bankruptcy Attorney

1. Your income tax returns for the last three years.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your returns because the bankruptcy attorney can have you sign a form that will allow them to get a copy of your income tax returns.

2. A copy of your paystubs for the last six months.

Even if you aren’t working, copies of your unemployment checks or Social Security Disability check is fine.

3. Copy of your bank statements from every bank account you’ve had in the last six months.

The bankruptcy court will want to see your bank records and they actually have to be filed with the bankruptcy court together with your IRS returns and your paystubs. Gather them all up in a big bag and give them to your attorney, that’s a great and quick way to get started on preparing a bankruptcy petition.

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