Insider Secrets about the 350,000 Pending Foreclosure Cases in the State of Florida

Some people blame the Florida foreclosure legal process for such a massive delay, but there are many reasons that are outside the control of the Florida courts that account for the backlog of this case.Florida Foreclosure Lawyer

These include:

  1. Banks putting cases on hold because of robo-signing and paper work problems.
  2. Inadequate funding for hearings.

One option that is being suggested is non-judicial foreclosures. Unfortunately, they are based on affidavits of the lender and right now, the courts have been overwhelm with affidavits that are flat out false.

Any legislation is going to have to create a marketable record title, allow for accurate and complete paperwork, and some significant penalties including imprisonment of people who violate these rules.

At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we will keep you advised about any developments in the foreclosure process.

**Florida Bar Journal October 15, 2011**

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