Insider Secrets about Bankruptcy Cases that Sunshine State Bankruptcy Won’t Touch

Finding the right bankruptcy attorney can be hard work. At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we only want to represent our perfect client. Too many lawyers will cut their fees to get business; they make promises they can’t keep. The reality is that if a bankruptcy attorney doesn’t charge enough for their case, they are either going to lose money because they spend more time on the case, or, more often than not, they won’t do a good job because they won’t put enough time in the case.

At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we don’t take cases that we will regret. That includes cases are that are an emergency or clients who are unresponsive.

Cases that are an emergency. If you call Sunshine State Bankruptcy the day before a foreclosure sale, we are simply not going to jump in. There is nothing worse than filing a bankruptcy case in a hurry and finding all sorts of problems, including non-exempt assets and years of tax returns that may not have been filed or even fraudulent transfers. That’s not an acceptable risk for Sunshine State Bankruptcy.

Cases where a client is unresponsive. At Sunshine State Bankruptcy we believe that we are a team and that means that we work closely with our clients. If a client is unresponsive, we spend less time getting the job done and spend a lot of needless time chasing clients. We simply aren’t going to do that.

At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we are not your mother. If you don’t take ownership of your financial responsibilities to help you fix your problems, it simply isn’t going to work.

We are not afraid to “just say no”. But you are our perfect client, Sunshine State Bankruptcy looks forward to working with you.

To learn more about your rights to bankruptcy you can order your no obligation copy of The Essential Guide to Bankruptcy for Consumers in Florida.

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