If You Think That You Can File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan, You Are Fooling Yourself

Confused about BankruptcyThere is a ton of information on the internet about Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Many people choose to represent themselves because they think that Chapter 13 bankruptcy is just a matter of filing forms.

Well, there is more to filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan than filling out forms. One of the many things that are done in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is to:

1. Select and properly apply the exemptions.

2. Decide whether to reaffirm certain debts.

3. Determine whether or not second mortgages can be stripped off.

That is just a few of the complicated decisions that are made in filing a bankruptcy. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you have to redraft a repayment plan and it must be approved by the bankruptcy trustees. It’s a difficult, mathematical determination that may frustrate many filers and have their cases dismissed because they have no idea how to put together a Chapter 13 plan.

Why prolong your financial agony? You should consult an experienced chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer to learn more about Chapter 13 bankruptcy and a calculation of a bankruptcy plan that is right for you and your family.

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