How to Avoid Financial Scams and Cheap Deals

Have you heard advertising over the radio offering you bankruptcy counseling for a $99 fee. Be careful, check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that this offer is genuine. It is impossible for you to get a bankruptcy filing to meet your financial situation for that low of a fee. Keep yourself save from unscrupulous offers. Don’t pay debt management or mortgage relief companies in advance!

Did you know that many debt management, mortgage relief companies and other financial companies, often demand that their fees be paid up front even before they have been working and helping. Don’t pay them upfront! Why? There is no guarantee that they will even perform or provide the services or say that you are and more importantly they will know what your bank account information is.

You don’t pay the car shop, hair stylist, or dryer cleaner before they do the job. Be careful and keep yourself safe from unscrupulous business.


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