Having a Lawyer Defend You In Foreclosure Action

Sunny Ingh, manager of a computer systems company, stopped paying his mortgage on his house in New York after his internet business floundered and his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Their mortgage was originallyForeclosure Defense held by the HTFC corporation but they got a foreclosure notice from Wells Fargo. Where did Wells Fargo come from? Most likely, the Ingh’s loan was part of a mortgage securitization pool and their original loan was probably sold many times before it came to rest with Wells Fargo.

The Ingh’s hired an experienced foreclosure lawyer and were able to successfully challenge the foreclosure process. Steven Ander, president of the New York State Bar Association said “the real problem is that there are thousands and thousands of people unrepresented by lawyers.” View the New York Times Article here.

Foreclosure defense lawyers have led the court proceedings to throw out flawed cases.

Just like in New York, if you are facing a foreclosure, you might want to consider consulting with an experienced foreclosure defense attorney.


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