Four Tips for Using the Gift Cards that You Got During the Holidays

I love to give and get gift cards particularly from my favorite bookstores or restaurants. At Sunshine State Bankruptcy we have four tips for using your gift cards:Tips on Using Gift Cards

1. Read the terms and conditions and check for expiration dates or fees.

For example, Bonefish Grill offers a $20 gift certificate for every $100 you spend. I give the gift card to friends and family and I save the $20 gift card for myself. But did you know that there is a expiration date, the card is only valid from January 1st to February 11th? I have picked a special date on my calendar just to use those gift cards.

2. Treat your gift card like it is cash, if you lose it or it is stolen you should report it to the issuer immediately. Most issuers have toll free numbers where you can report lost or stolen cards.

3. Use your card as soon as possible. Have you even gotten a gift card and then misplaced? Very embarrassing when you go back to the person who gave you the card saying that you need to document the purchase and get the ID on the card.

4. Make sure that you understand whether any fees that will be deducted on the gift card. These fees can include activation, maintenance or even transaction fees that will eat away at the face value of the gift card.

Take this tips and use them to your advantage!

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