Florida Legislature’s Offer to Streamline Foreclosures at Your Expense

Did you know that Florida is one of 20 states that require all foreclosures to move through the courts. The top republicans, including Governor Rick Scott and House Speaker Dean Cannon want to explore ways to limit the court involvement. At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we think that’s the wrong way to go. Why? Many greedy banks and law firms have robo-signed documents. They have signed foreclosure paperwork without being familiar with the cases, personally verifying the information, with problems with improper notarization of foreclosure documents, improper assignments, missing mortgage assignments, and in some cases outright forged documents.

At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we believe that this illegal improper paper work is a challenge to our legal system and it is up to the Florida courts to resolve each of these cases individually. Trying to streamline the process by having a non-judicial system allows foreclosures handled improperly by lenders to fly through the system and unjustly force people out of their homes.

Non-judicial foreclosures will only allow lenders to send notices of default and attempt to foreclose on property owners and record them in the county public records. If after a certain period of time the property owner doesn’t settle the unpaid loan or address the problems with bankruptcy, the bank can sell the house.

After all that, well now in Florida a foreclosure proceeding requires a lender to file a complaint in court and serve a summons on you. It’s the involvement of the courts that have uncovered these foreclosure scandals, including robo signed documents, and foreclosure proceeding initiated by lenders that don’t even own the property.

Non-judicial foreclosure is simply a reward to reinforce the bad and illegal conduct by banks!

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