FAQ: What is one of the common place ploys that mortgage scammers use?

If you are behind in your mortgage payment or owe than your house is worth, you are in a mortgage jam. At Sunshine State bankruptcy we know that you are desperate and looking for answers.

You may have seen advertisements on the TV, internet or even found your mailboxes stuffed with offers. More often than not, these are all scams.

One of the common ploys that they use is to tell you to stop communicating with your lender or service, and let them handle all the negotiations with your lender or service. Or even worse, they will tell you to stop sending the payments, or to send the payments to the modification company. Guess who’s pocket your mortgage payment ends up in? The FTC estimates that the bogus modification companies have stolen millions from unwary consumers.

Before you get tempted by this false advertising, learn more about your rights by contacting the consumer law firm of Sunshine State Bankruptcy.


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