FAQ: If I file for bankruptcy, am I a loser cheating the system?

Answer: Absolutely not! Did you know that the bible even recognizes the need for a fresh financial start that doesn’t label people who can’t repay the money they owe deadbeats or cheaters. If you are looking to fix your financial life you can look right to the bible that supports your right to get a fresh financial start. That and the moral principle has been made law in the US Bankruptcy Act. You are morally and legally entitled to get a fresh financial start.

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  1. Mirna Reaney says:

    If I have had bad credit in the past, and I would like to apply for a credit card but have already been turned down by one, how can I get a different one? Im hoping to rebuild my credit, all my old debts are paid off (including my car) and would like a credit card… the limit isnt important. Does anyone know any companies that will give cards to people with bad credit?Also, I live in Canada.

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