Don’t Understand Bankruptcy? Your Life May Continue to be a Living Hell With Bill Collectors Hounding You Day and Night

Filing for bankruptcy has many advantages, one is the automatic stay which goes into force as soon as the bankruptcy petition is filed.

Bill Collector Harrassment

Bill Collector Harassment

At Sunshine State Bankruptcy, one of our first actions will be to stop obnoxious phone calls from your bill collectors. We get in touch with everyone of your bill collectors to let them know we are working with you and that should stop most of the phone calls immediately. If any of the bill collectors continue to contact you after you have hired a bankruptcy law firm like Sunshine State Bankruptcy, let us know. We fight back because bill collectors are required to obey their credit collection laws.

Unscrupulous credit card companies and bill collectors will violate the bankruptcy law by trying to collect on all debts that have been discharged under the bankruptcy court, they are betting that you don’t about your rights. Florida consumer law allows us to sue unscrupulous credit cards and bill collectors who harass you.

Bankruptcy judges dislike unscrupulous behavior of credit card companies and bill collectors who violate the judges automatic stay.

There are a number of actions that can be taken to stop bill collectors. For more information on your bankruptcy options, contact us today or request our free book to the right of this article.

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