Do you Recognize the Five Warning Signs of Credit Card Debt?

Credit Card Debt and bankruptcyAt Sunshine State Bankruptcy, we believe that there are warning signs to credit card debt that could ultimately lead you to file for bankruptcy. These include:

  1. Credit cards that are maxed out.
  2. Paying late or over the limit fees on your credit cards.
  3. Using your credit cards to pay for groceries, prescriptions, telephone and gasoline.
  4. Making the only minimum payment on your credit cards for each month.
  5. Denied credit because of your credit debt.

If you’ve recognized those five warning signs, it’s time for you to reconsider filing for bankruptcy. When you file for bankruptcy, the very next day it will prevent your creditors from making any collection efforts again you. And, depending on the facts in your case, your credit card companies may have to settle for pennies on the dollar in the payment of your debt.

Bankruptcy may be able to provide you with peace of mind and a fresh financial start. Give St. Petersburg Bankruptcy Law firm Sunshine State Bankruptcy a call today to explain your options when it comes to paying off your debt.

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