Credit Card Companies Sue Consumers to Repay Defaulted Loans

Did you know that Chase recovered $1.4 Billion from defaulted credit card accounts last year. You may owe a credit card company, like Chase, a few hundred dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars. It doesn’t matter the size Credit Card Companies Defaulted Loansof the debt, it all adds up.

In Dade County Florida, Chase filed 640 collection claims in January 2011 with the average claim ranging between $3,000 and $12,000 at that rate they can collect about $50 million annually.

If you are being sued by a credit card company for credit card debt, filing for bankruptcy may provide you and your family the financial relief you need. If you have a question about this, or any other financial situation you may be facing, and to find out if bankruptcy is the right option for you, give us a call. We may be able to help you with your situation.

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