Beware of Income Tax Return Scam Artists During Tax Season

As April 15th approaches, you should be cautious of the following three common tax return scam tactics:Tax Return Scam

1. Return preparer fraud

Did you know that dishonest tax return  preparers can skim a portion of your refund, charge inflated fees for preparing your tax return and offer you refunds that are really too good to be true.

The IRS now requires that all paid tax return preparers register with the IRS and retain or prepare a tax identification number. Use a reputable tax preparer so that you aren’t scammed.

2. Fishing

Tax return scam artists will trick you into getting your personal or financial information online. You may get e-mails, tweets, or even calls telling you that you are entitled to a tax refund. But, to get your refund, you have to reveal personal information to claim it.

You’ll get taken, they will stay your identity, run up credit card charges, apply for loans in your name, and do all sorts of things that will destroy you and your good credit

3. Filing false or misleading forms

Tax return Scam artists will file false or misleading returns to claim refunds. Don’t use information returns such as 1099s or original issue discount forms, to claim false withholding credits. Protect yourself and use a reputable income tax preparation accountant and do not become a victim of a tax return scam.


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