368,000 Foreclosure Cases Pending in Florida State Court

According to a Florida Bar News article of February 1, 2012 “Foreclosure filings are expected to be increasing in Florida again” and “there are over 368,000 foreclosure cases pending in state court” (Gary Blakenship).Florida Foreclosure Bankruptcy Attorney

The State Court’s Administrator Lisa Goodner estimates that for 2012-2013 that there will be 165,000 foreclosure filings.

If you are being sued for foreclosure, filing for bankruptcy may provide you and your family with a fresh financial start and protect you from a 1099.

It also may protect you from getting a bill from the IRS and stop your creditors from harassing you because of a default judgment. To learn more about how bankruptcy can provide you and your family with financial relief from a foreclosure by contacting Sunshine State Bankruptcy and a complimentary consultation. We know the burden a foreclosure, or loss of a job can be on a family situation. Give us a call today to discuss your options.

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